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ITECH IT8311 80V/170A/3.5KW Regenerative Electronic Load

Manufacturer: ITECH Electronic Co
Product Number: IT8311

Product Description

ITECH newly launched the IT8300 series of Regenerative DC Electronic Loads. It simulates various load characteristics, but can also feed power back to grid.
The IT8300 series unique regenerative function can convert the absorbed DC power into AC power and feed it back to local grid. This eliminates the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs.

IT8300 adopts high power density design. In only 3U size, it can absorb power up to 10.5 kW.

IT8300 supports master-slave paralleling and current equalized distribution, which can expand the power up to 105KW or more. Moreover IT8300 has multiple functions such as the automatic grid-state detection, on-grid electricity accumulation, anti-islanding protection, battery-test function, dynamic mode, LIST function, etc. The built-in interfaces include LAN/USB/RS232/RS485/CAN interfaces. The various functions make IT8300 series suitable for high-power power supply, storage battery, photovoltaic battery, electric vehicle, energy storage systems, etc.

Key Specifications

Resistance: 0.01-1200 Ohm

Operating modes:

  • Constant Voltage
  • Constant Current
  • Constant Resistance
  • Constant Power

Setup Accuracy:

  • Voltage: <0.3% Umax
  • Current: <0.4% Imax
  • Resistance: Rmax*2% (0.01-80Ω); Rmax*5%(80-1200Ω)
  • Power: <1.3% Pmax

Feature set:

  • Regenerative load. Up to 95% efficieny
  • Intilligent fan control. Low acoustic noise
  • On-grid electricity accumulation function
  • Automatic grid-state detection
  • Master/Slave function. Combine more units
  • Accurate readback of current and voltage
  • LIST mode
  • SCPI programming
  • Extensive protection functions
  • High accuracy and resolution


  • USB, LAN, CAN, RS-232 and RS-485
  • Analog control

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