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ITECH IT9121 AC/DC Power Meter 600 Vrms/20Arms

Manufacturer: ITECH Electronic Co
Product Number: IT9121

Product Description

The IT9121 power meter can have maximum input of 600Vrms and 20Arms with measurement bandwidth of 100KHZ, and can be easily used for measuring the voltage, current, power, frequency, harmonics and other parameters. The standard configuration includes USB, GPIB, RS232 and LAN communication interfaces and also interfaces for USB-based peripheral devices. The user can save the measured parameters into the external storage medium. The basic voltage and current accuracy is 0.1%. Moreover, the power meter has rich integrating functions, such as the active power. It is widely applied in test of motors, household appliances, UPS, etc.

Key Specifications

100 kHz bandwidth
Maximum conversion rate: 10 μs
Continuous maximum Common-mode voltage: 600 Vrms, CAT ?

Power measurements:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Active power [W]
  • Reactive power [var]
  • Apparent power [VA]
  • Power factor
  • Phase difference (°)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Max/min of voltage (V)
  • Max/min of current (A)
  • Crest factor
  • Integration

Feature set:

  • Oscilloscope function shows voltage and current
  • Simultaneous measurement
  • 4.3-inch color LCD (TFT)
  • Harmonic measurements (50th harmonic)
  • Barchart display of harmonics
  • Current transducer inputs


  • LAN, RS-232, USB and GPIB
  • SCPI programming

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