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Frequency & Timing, Frequency Counters, Pendulum Instruments

Microwave Counter/Analyzer to 60 GHz

Manufacturer: Pendulum Instruments
Product Number: CNT90XL

Product Description

Pendulum CNT-90XL Microwave Frequency Counter/Analyzer is ideal for installation and maintenance of point to point microwave links, satellite communication equipment testing, YIG and VCO testing, and RF & Microwave instrumentation calibration, testing or research.

Key Specifications

  • 2 instruments in one
  • Microwave Counter/Analyzer
  • 400 MHz general-purpose timer/counter
  • Frequency, Power, CW or Burst to 27, 40, 46 or 60 GHz
  • Optional pulsed RF measurements down to 30 ns
  • Mains-free operation in the field, via built-in battery option

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