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3D EM Simulation, Dassault Systémes, Test and Simulation Software

CST Studio Suite (Particle Dynamics)

Manufacturer: Dassault Systémes
Product Number: CST-PS

Product Description

The simulation of high frequency electromagnetic fields is one of CST’s core competencies. CST Studio Suite® includes tools for a very wide range of microwave and RF components, allowing full-wave and hybrid simulation, multiphysics workflows (including heating, thermal deformation and RF breakdown) and 3D/circuit co-simulation.

Planar and waveguide RF components can be optimized individually or as part of a larger system. Filter design and synthesis are major applications of CST Studio Suite, and high-frequency workflows are strengthened by links to our products FEST3D (for waveguide synthesis) and SPARK3D (for corona gas breakdown and multipaction analysis).

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