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Modelithics, RF Circuit Simulation, Test and Simulation Software


Manufacturer: Modelithics
Product Number: MDLX-EXEMPLAR

Product Description

The Modelithics EXEMPLAR Library is an expanded trial library containing more models than the free SELECT+ Library, which can be downloaded online at The EXEMPLAR Library is a representative subset (about 15%) of all models available in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, which contains passive CLR component and filter models, non-linear transistor and diode models, the Modelithics SUBSTRATE Library, and more. EXEMPLAR is designed to include all models needed to run the many example tutorial projects available on the Modelithics website. The EXEMPLAR Library is available to approved customers for a FREE trial and is also available to students and faculty members through the Modelithics University Program for educational wireless electronic design projects. See for more details.

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