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Dassault Systémes, RF Synthesis


Manufacturer: Dassault Systémes
Product Number: CST-FD3D

Product Description

Filter Designer 3D (FD3D) is a synthesis tool for designing cross-coupled bandpass filters. CoupleFil simplifies the design process substantially by automatically calculating the necessary coupling matrix and suggesting filter topologies that match the user’s requirements. These requirements can include multiple pass-bands and arbitrary transmission and reflection zeroes. Once CoupleFil has synthesized a filter, it can generate a 3D model of the design which can be used as the basis of a full-wave simulation.

*Cross-coupled cavity filters

Key Specification

  • Synthesises filters according to specifications, including pass-bands, transmission and reflection zeroes, and group delay.
  • Suggests multiple filter topologies.
  • Exports fully-parameterized 3D model for further simulation.
  • Hybridization options:
    • Full wave 3D simulation with the Transient and Frequency Domain Solvers
    • Hybrid EM/thermal simulation with CST MPHYSICS® STUDIO

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