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Optenni, RF Circuit Simulation, Test and Simulation Software

Optenni Lab

Manufacturer: Optenni
Product Number: OPT-Lab

Product Description

Optenni Lab is a professional software tool with innovative analysis features to increase the productivity of engineers requiring matching circuits. It can, for example, speed up the antenna design process and provide antennas with optimal total performance. Optenni Lab offers fast fully-automatic matching circuit optimization tools, including automatic generation of multiple optimal topologies, estimation of the obtainable bandwidth of antennas and calculation of the worst-case isolation in multi-antenna systems. With these tools the antenna designer can quickly evaluate various antenna designs and concepts, including multiport antennas and tunable matching circuits. In addition, Optenni Lab provides convenient and powerful interfaces to leading electromagnetic and circuit simulation software.

Key Specification

  • Bandwidth potential
  • Circuit simulator link
  • Component library
  • Electromagnetic isolation
  • EM simulator links
  • Matching circuit synthesis
  • Multi-port matching
  • Network analyzer link
  • Radiation efficiency
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Tunable antenna design

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