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NSI-MI Technologies, Pointing and Tracking, RF/Microwave


Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: MEC-GIM

Product Description

Incorporating direct drive motors and extremely accurate encoders, the gimbals provide superb responsiveness and pointing accuracy. The MEC-GIM gimbal offers extreme accuracy by virtue of its direct drive motors that are structurally coupled to the encoders and the antenna/ counterweight system.Flexible couplings are absent, as are gears, timing belts, and virtually all the conventional sources of positioning error in a mechanical drive. System stiffness is thereby greatly enhanced, and backlash is completely eliminated.

Accuracy is further enhanced by the use of high precision, angular contact bearings. Minimum friction and zero bearing clearance are achieved by tailoring the bearing selection and preload amount for specific applications.

Key Specification

  • Ideal for use in radome test systems
  • Direct-drive motors coupled to encoders
  • Backlash completely eliminated
  • High precision, angular contact bearings enhance accuracy
  • Wide speed range, up to 45 degrees per second
  • Extended travel up to ±70 degrees on both axes
  • Supports a wide assortment of antennas
  • Compact design easily fits inside small volumes
  • High structural stiffness allows extended servo bandwidth for demanding tracking applications

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