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Antenna Measurement, NSI-MI Technologies, RF/Microwave

MI-750 Advanced Digital Receiver

Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: MI-750

Product Description

The MI-750 has been designed with the latest technology to be the fastest system receiver in the industry. With measurement speeds of 4,000,000 samples/second and built-in data management features, this advanced digital receiver has the throughput capacity to get detailed measurement results that earlier may have been prohibitively slow. Data buffering eliminates the data transfer bottleneck. Combined with this sampling performance, is a world class RF design offering receiver sensitivity to -150 dBm and enabling a high dynamic range of 135 dB. Even at full speed, useful performance is available with -84 dBm sensitivity at 4 M samples/second and a dynamic range of 69 dB. Accuracy is maintained with high amplitude and phase linearity, while broad RF power management features provide expanded system configurations. For more information about these performance enhancements, see the specifications table inside.

The MI-750 has been designed to maximize flexibility across a broad range of applications. For example, the addition of advanced DSP algorithms offer a choice of several digital filter types. These digital filters can optimize the receiver for high dynamic range or best selectivity or improved interference rejection. There is also more flexibility to tradeoff the high speed of the instrument for increased dynamic range. A choice of 41 sample rates offers steps of 1.5dB sensitivity. Dynamic LO power equalization provides more versatility in selecting RF cables to remote mixers without requiring LO extenders. Ethernet interfaces for data and control create more options in equipment location and system optimization without sacrificing performance.

The MI-750 Receiver brings together the best of today’s microwave receiver technologies to offer a powerful measurement system solution. This unique product provides a significant upgrade to existing receiver subsystems with a threefold offering of Performance, Flexibility and Backwards Compatibility.

Key Specification

The MI-750 Advanced Digital Receiver brings together the best of today’s microwave receiver technologies to offer a powerful measurement system solution. A better, faster, more economical way to make antenna measurements.

  • Industry leading performance with up to 4 M samples per second
  • 135 dB dynamic range and -150 dBm sensitivity
  • Optimized timing for shortest overall test time
  • Wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 110 GHz
  • Selectable digital filtering for enhanced range performance
  • Flexible modular architecture for system configurability and supportability
  • Eliminates unnecessary hardware

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