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Antenna Measurement, NSI-MI Technologies, RF/Microwave

NSI 2000 Standard Edition

Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: NSI-2000SE

Product Description

The NSI2000 software represents a combination of experience and technology that stands ready to solve the toughest antenna measurement challenges. NSI2000 is a 32-bit multi-tasking Windows® application that provides an excellent array of features taking advantage of the recent advances in operating system technologies. NSI2000 includes a 3-D viewer to inspect near-field and far-field data in a 3-D dynamic mode. This package spans all four measurement domains and presents the user with a uniform interface. NSI2000 also controls acquisition and interfaces to all mechanical and RF hardware required to make a measurement.

Key Specification

• Integrated planar, cylindrical, spherical near-field and far-field
• Instrument drivers for NSI-MI and vendors’ RF equipment
• Instrument drivers for NSI-MI and other vendors’ positioning equipment
• Auto-dwell setting for RF synthesizer switching times
• Variety of plotting formats – cuts, contour plots, 3D polar plots, listings
• Automated pattern analysis features
• Expert system aiding test setup
• Automated system health checks
• User definable startup configurations
• User definable macro buttons
• Drag & drop plot overlays
• Drag & drop scripting automation
• Holographic diagnostic imaging
• Professional Edition for full automated scripting of all NSI2000 features

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