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Antenna Measurement, NSI-MI Technologies, RF/Microwave

Portable Vertical Planar Scanner Systems

Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: PNF-XYV-0.3×0.3

Product Description

NSI-MI’s Multi-Purpose Near-Field Systems are ideal for measuring medium and high gain antennas (>15
dBi) with small apertures making them suitable for testing feeds and small arrays or reflector antennas.
The simple design is easy to assemble and align, accurate, and can be quickly dismantled for relocation
or storage. The baseline system offered consists of a small, vertical planer near-field scanner, mounted
on a stand that houses the workstation, control equipment and can also accommodate a VNA to form a
self-contained test system that can be located in an anechoic environment for testing. Two small rotary
stages can be added to expand the system to include cylindrical and spherical near-field capabilities. The
system was also developed to add planar near-field antenna test capability to an existing bench-top
VNA, allowing the scanner to be located in front of the VNA rack and RF cables can be connected and an
antenna radiation pattern test be completed without extending any of the VNA RF cables.

Key Specification

  • Low Cost & Portable
  • Designed for High Accuracy
  • Planar, Cylindrical and Spherical Capability
  • Far-Field, Holographic and Near-Field Patterns
  • X-band to mmWave Measurements

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