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Antenna Measurement, NSI-MI Technologies, RF/Microwave

RCS Rotators

Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: MEC-RTR

Product Description

Rotators are highly engineered azimuth-over elevation positioning systems with extreme torque density in very compact size. They are used in conjunction with MEC-PYL Pylons to support various targets for the purpose of radar cross section (RCS) testing.

RCS rotators are among the most highly engineered products in the industry. Their low profile allows them to be contained almost completely within a test article, helping to maintain a low radar cross section. Rotators deliver remarkably high torque, making use of heat treated steels and innovative mechanical drive technologies. Conventional connections in the mechanical drives are eschewed in favor of those that provide superior integrity and safety. Structural components and connections are rigorously analyzed with FEA and classical methods to ensure that safety factors exceed NSI-MI Technologies’ rigid safety standards.

Key Specification

  • Extremely high power density in small envelope size
  • Interchangeable standard and customer specific rotator tip
  • Payload up to 50,000 lb (22,680 kg)
  • All-Weather Design
  • Superior reliability & longevity
  • Durable marine grade finish

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