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Antenna Measurement, NSI-MI Technologies, RF/Microwave


Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: MEC-TT

Product Description

The turntable platters are constructed of full metal, wedge shaped surfaces with structural support. The outer rim of the each platter is supported by high capacity castor assemblies which allows a vehicle to drive onto the turntable from any direction. The vehicle can be placed anywhere on the turntable. Flush-mounted electronic & RF thru axis can be added to power electronic devices above the turntable.

Key Specification

  • Payloads up to 154,000 lb (69,853 kg)
  • Turntable diameter up to 70 ft (21m)
  • Drive on from any direction
  • Precision native accuracy & construction
  • All-Weather Design
  • Superior reliability & longevity
  • Standard factory installed and add-on options

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