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RF/Microwave, Tabor Electronics

1.25GS/s 16Bit 1GS Mem 2CH 4 Markers Arbitrary Waveform Transceiver, Desktop

Manufacturer: Tabor Electronics
Product Number: P1282D

Product Description

The Proteus P1282D, is a 1.25GS/s, dual channel arbitrary waveform generator packaged in a 4U, half 19” dedicated chassis, offering technologically advanced options and configurations that integrate the ability to transmit, receive and perform digital signal processing all in a single instrument.

Key Specification

  • Dual channel 1.25GS/s 16 bit, AWG & AWT configurations.
  • 9GHz bandwidth, 2.7GS/s 12 bit digitizer option for feedback control system and conditional waveform generation.
  • Excellent phase noise and spurious performance.
  • Integrated NCO for digital up-converting to microwave frequencies.
  • Space efficient desktop platform, with USB 3.0, 10G Ethernet and thunderbolt high speed interfaces.
  • Up to 16GS waveform memory with the ability to simultaneously generate and download waveforms.
  • Real time data streaming directly to the FPGA for continuous and infinite waveform generation.
  • User customizable FPGA for application specific solutions.
  • Innovative task oriented sequence programming for maximum flexibility to generate any imaginable scenario.

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