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RF/Microwave, Signal Generators, Tabor Electronics

12 GHz RF Analog Signal Generator Module

Manufacturer: Tabor Electronics
Product Number: LS1291D

Product Description

The LS1291D, 12GHz Single Channel RF Analog Signal Generator, offers industry leading performance, combined with a compact small footprint form factor. The LS3081D features exceptionally fast switching speed, superior signal integrity and purity and all the necessary modulated signals for analog communication systems

Key Specification

  • 12GHz RF Analog Signal Generator.
  • Extremely fast switching speed of <100μs AM, FM, PM Sweep & Pulse Modulation.
  • Extra small, compact module platform.
  • Exceptionally Low Phase Noise of -145dBc/Hz @100MHz and 10@kHz offset SPI and micro-USB integrated interfaces.
  • Remotely programmable via MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW and other software programming environments.
  • Flexible modular platform for OEM and custom requirements and applications, to satisfy specific customer demands.
  • Multi instrument synchronization capability

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