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Amplifiers, RF/Microwave, Tabor Electronics

34Vp-p Differential / Dual Channel Signal Amplifier

Manufacturer: Tabor Electronics
Product Number: 9260

Product Description

The 9260 is a bench-top, 2U, half 19” rack size, fully metal case, dual channel DC coupled wideband amplifier designed for high frequency, high current, signal amplification. With a high bandwidth of 45MHz, 34Vp-p into 50 ohms and up to 10W output power, the 9260 is the ideal complimentary amplifier to any signal source that needs a supporting power boost for demanding applications.

Key Specification

  • 45MHz bandwidth.
  • High amplitude to 34Vp-p into 50Ω.
  • High output current drive to 1A.
  • Fast transition time of <10ns Low distortion Custom Configuration of: Gain, Input impedance, Output configuration.

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