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Amplifiers, RF/Microwave, Tabor Electronics

400Vp-p Four-Channel Signal Amplifier

Manufacturer: Tabor Electronics
Product Number: 9400

Product Description

Model 9400 was designed as a general purpose, wide band and high voltage amplifier however, with specific applications in mind. It has four channels built in a small case size to save space and cost but without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.

Key Specification

  • Four independent channels.
  • High voltage output to 400Vp-p (±200V).
  • Output current to 50mA.
  • Full power bandwidth from DC to >500kHz.
  • Slew rate to 400V/µs.
  • Monitor Outputs for each channel.
  • Precise signal amplification for multiple applications.
  • Compatible with any of the Tabor waveform generators.Special unipolar mode for MEMS engine drivers.

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