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EMC, EMI Emissions Test, YIC Technologies


Manufacturer: YIC Technologies
Product Number: YIC-Probe

Product Description

EMProbe delivers repeatable and reliable results that pinpoint, in less than a second, the cause of a design failure. As a result, the user can personally test the design without having to rely on another department, test engineer, or time-consuming off-site testing. After diagnosing even an intermittent problem, the engineer can implement a design change and retest. The results provide concrete verification of the effectiveness (or not) of the design change. The EMProbe solution consists of a computer controlled Robotic Arm, Near Field probe and a customer supplied Spectrum Analyser, all controlled by the EMViewer software. The EMProbe diagnostic capabilities allow design teams to reduce testing time by more than two orders of magnitude. Users have also documented fifty percent reductions in design cycle times. This allows the design team to immediately analyse and compare design iterations. Ideal projects for the EMProbe are components side testing of boards designed for high speed, high power, and/or high density/complexity. Any PCB that places a premium on board real estate also qualifies as an excellent candidate. The EMProbe provides an easy-to-use, cost-effective and scalable solution for design teams. Emission, immunity, filtering, EMI shielding, broadband noise and Common Mode testing are some of the applications that the EMProbe system addresses in mere seconds.

Key Specification

  • Spectral scan,
  • spatial scan,
  • spectral and spatial comparison,
  • scripting, limit lines,
  • report generation and notes

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