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EMC, EMI Emissions Test, YIC Technologies


Manufacturer: YIC Technologies
Product Number: YIC-ERX

Product Description

EMScannerR is a high speed 8GHz High Resolution EMC and EMI diagnostic tool for your lab-bench. The scanner delivers repeatable and reliable results that pinpoint in less than a second the cause of a design failure. As a result, the user can personally test the design without having to rely on another department, test engineer, or time-consuming off-site testing. After diagnosing even an intermittent problem, the engineer can implement a design change and retest. The results provide concrete verification of the effectiveness (or not) of the design change.

Key Specification

  • Spectral scan,
  • high resolution (0.06 mm step) spatial scan,
  • peak-hold,
  • continuous scanning,
  • spectral and spatial comparison,
  • scripting,
  • limit lines,
  • report generation and notes.

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