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EMC, PMM Narda Safety Test Solutions S.r.l.

USB RF power sensor 9 KHz – 3 GHz, 1 W

Manufacturer: PMM Narda Safety Test Solutions S.r.l.
Product Number: 6630

Product Description

The 6630 Power Sensor is the ideal solution for true RMS RF power measurements in a wide variety of applications, including EMC immunity test systems, CDN and clamp calibration, as well as for measuring the input power of antennas or GTEM cells.
The PMM 6630 is supplied with easy to use PC software to display the measurements in dBm, W, and Vrms.

The optional 6630FOA Fiber Optic Adapter allows communication with a fiber optic link up to 80 meters long, providing the utmost immunity even in the harshest electromagnetic environments, for applications such as bulk current injection tests and in-chamber installations.

Key Specification

• 9 kHz to 3 GHz frequency range
• 100 nW to 1 W (-40 to +30 dBm) power range
• True RMS response
• Excellent power linearity (0.2 dBm typical)
• USB and fiber optic/USB connection
• Response time 45 ms
• Settling time 50 to 180 ms
• Measuring range LED indicator
• Robust, compact, lightweight
• Win6630 software included

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