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EMC, EMI Emissions Test, PMM Narda Safety Test Solutions S.r.l.

10Hz-30MHz (18GHz) Real Time Analyzer & EMI Receiver

Manufacturer: PMM Narda Safety Test Solutions S.r.l.
Product Number: 9010F

Product Description

The 9010F is a powerful FFT Time Domain Digital EMI Receiver & Real time Analyzer 10Hz-30MHz based on an analog-digital conversion and an advanced data processing using the FFT spectrum frequency analysis in full compliance with all the tests required by the standard CISPR 16-1-1
The FFT technology allows for real-time data, this excludes the loss of data within the analyzed band and reduces test time from hours to seconds.
The 9010F is also equipped with all the filters and the detectors in full accordance with CISPR and MIL-STD standards.

• Built-in (selectable) pulse limiter
• Built-in preamplifier, attenuator, tracking generator and multi-band preselectors
• Rugged, light weight, small size, including internal battery for field testing
• Including powerful, yet easy to use PMM Emission Suite (PES) PC software, with free updates
• Ancillary control port for automated control of LISNs, RF-Switches etc
• Expandable frequency range to 3, 6 and 18 GHz by the external modules 9030, 9060, 9180

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