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IT-M3400 Bidirectional DC Power Supply

Manufacturer: ITECH Electronic Co
Product Number: IT-M3400

Product Description

IT-M3400 bidirectional DC power supply integrates the features of a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative load. It keeps the advantages of high power density and modular architecture design of M series. It can meet the customer’s test requirement of different current and power level. Thanks to the independent multi-channel design, users can configure each channel according to the quantity and specifications of the DUT. At the same time, it has high-precision output and measurement, and has made a number of safety designs for testing, suitable for multiple test fields, such as power modules, intelligent industrial equipment, automotive electronics, charging and discharging tests of various small capacity batteries.

Key Specification

♦ 1U Half-rack, high power density
♦ Bidirectional energy flow
♦ High efficient power regeneration
♦ Battery test
♦ Battery simulation
♦ Independent control of multi-channels with functions of synchronization and proportional tracking
♦ Up to 16 units can be paralleled connected
♦ High speed measurement, 10 times/S updating rate
♦ CC/CV priority
♦ Adjustable output impedance
♦ Programmable voltage and current rise and fall time
♦ Temperature measurement function, over temperature protection
♦ List
♦ Various protection such as ±OCP,±OVP,OPP, over heat protection, grid fault protection and fault storage, foldback, Power off protection, sense abnormal protection
♦ Automatic detection of power grid state to realize reliable grid connection
♦ Pre charge function to prevent overshoot of DC loading current
♦ Anti-reverse protection function through optional accessories
♦ Five optional cards, supporting RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB_TMC, USB_VCP, RS485, analog and IO communication

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