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Anritsu, Network Analyzers, RF/Microwave

Distributed Modular 2-port Vector Network Analyzer

Manufacturer: Anritsu
Product Number: ME7868A

Product Description

2-port USB VNA systems deliver phase synchronized measurements over 100 meters, improves dynamic range and measurement stability of s-parameter measurements, available in 8/20/43.5 GHz models

Key Specification

  • 2-port VNA with frequency options from 1 MHz to 8 GHz / 20 GHz / 43.5 GHz
  • Extend remote ports 100+ meters apart with PhaseLync synchronization
  • Small and lightweight ports enable direct connection to DUT eliminating long cable runs
  • Guaranteed performance to 43.5 GHz with Extended-K™ ports
  • PC control takes advantage of external computer processing power and functionality
  • No on-board data storage makes use in secure applications more convenient
  • Common ShockLine control software delivers powerful debug and test capabilities


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