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Anritsu, RF/Microwave, Spectrum and Signal Analyzers

MS2850A Wideband Signal Analyzer, 1 GHz analysis BW up to 44.5 GHz

Manufacturer: Anritsu
Product Number: MS2850A

Product Description

The Signal Analyzer MS2850A has a maximum analysis bandwidth of 1 GHz and a frequency range of 9 kHz to either 32 GHz or 44.5 GHz

Key Specification

  • 9kHz to 32GHz/44.5GHz fraquency range
  • 255MHz/510MHz/1GHz analysis bandwidth
  • 32GB memory can capture for 24 seconds at 100MHz BW
  • High SFDR (Spurious free dynamic range) -70 dBc at 1 GHz Analysis Bandwidth
  • Supports external high-performance waveguide mixer (50 to 90 GHz) and harmonic mixer (up to 325 GHz)

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