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Anritsu, RF/Microwave, Signal Generators

Vector Signal Generator

Manufacturer: Anritsu
Product Number: MG3710E

Product Description

The Vector Signal Generator MG3710E is a best-of-class, multi-function, dual output signal generator with excellent RF and baseband performance up to 6GHz

Key Specification

  • Vector Signal Generator supporting frequencies of 100 kHz to 2.7/4/6 GHz
  • ACLR: -68 dBc (W-CDMA, Test-Model 1, 64DPCH, ≤+5 dBm)
  • Output level +23 dBm (CW, 400 MHz to 3 GHz)
  • Switching Time: <600 µs (List/Sweep mode) Built-in wideband (160 MHz/120 MHz) baseband signal generator Dual RF (Optional) provides two independent RF outputs Dual Waveform Memory (Optional) enables two independently modulated signals per RF Output Generate and output modulation signals of various communication systems such as 5G NR (sub-6 GHz) FDD/TDDNEW, LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD (Optional)

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