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Frequency Analysis from Pendulum
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Frequency Analysis from Pendulum

Pendulum Instruments, with its roots in Philips T&M, has over 50 years of experience in developing technology-leading solutions for precise time & frequency measurement, calibration and analysis.

Frequency Timer/Counter/Analyzers

Frequency Timer/Counter Analyzers are characterized by the unique graphic UI showing high-accuracy numeric results plus graphic trends, modulation, histograms and statistical parameters. The fast measurements, the very high resolution and the TimeView analysis SW makes the instruments complete Frequency & Modulation Domain Analyzers.

The modern measurement technique is based on fast continuous time-stamping that enables gap-free zero dead-time measurements.

The range consists of 4 instruments:

CNT-90: Basic model, 70 ps resolution/time-stamp

CNT-91: Enhanced model 35 ps resolution

CNT-91R: A CNT-91 with integrated Rubidium oscillator

CNT-90XL: A CNT-90 plus an additional microwave mixer input

  • UI: Graphical w trends, modulation, histograms display
  • Speed: 250000 measurements/s
  • Frequency resolution: 12 digits/s
  • Time resolution: 35/70 ps/time stamp
  • Frequency range CNT-90/91: 400 MHz (up to 20 GHz opt.)
  • Frequency range CNT-90XL: 27/40/46/60 GHz
  • Zero-dead-time measurements: CNT-91
  • Continuous gap-free data streaming: CNT-91
  • Built-in Rubidium atomic clock: CNT-91R
  • Battery option: CNT-90 & CNT-90XL
  • Pulsed RF option: CNT-90XL (down to 30ns pulses, up to 60 GHz)
Industry leading tool for time & frequency measurements, analysis and calibration

TimeView Modulation Domain Analysis

The combination of a CNT-9x Counter/Analyzer, as a fast sampling front-end, and the TimeView SW makes a full-blown Modulation Domain Analyzer, MDA.

An MDA displays Frequency variation over time (Modulation Domain), similar to an oscilloscope that displays Voltage variation over time. It is a great complement to the oscilloscope (Time domain) and Spectrum Analyzer (Frequency domain) for in-depth signal analysis.

The example below show the display of a 2-level FSK signal on an oscilloscope (carrier shape), spectrum analyzer (frequency components) and TimeView (modulating signal shape).

The modulation domain (f vs. t) complements the time (V vs. t) and the frequency (V vs. f) domains

TimeView exists in two versions.

  1. TimeView 2, which can use any of the CNT-9x models as frontend
  2. TimeView 3, with enhanced functionality, which can only use CNT-91(R)
  • View dynamic frequency changes over time
  • View residual FM on up to 60 GHz carriers
  • Follow frequency changes every 4 us in real time (every 10 ns with repetitive sampling)
  • Analyze VCO settling, PLL responses and more
  • Analyze oscillators; power-on stability, short-term (ADEV) and long-term stability
  • Analyze frequency hopping, chirp radar, frequency droop to 20 GHz
  • Powerful analysis: FFT, Statistics (histogram), smoothing, ADEV and MADEV vs t
  • Zero dead-time (gap-free) measurements, detect phase shifts

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