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Modelithics, RF Circuit Simulation, Test and Simulation Software

Modelithics® COMPLETE+3D Library for ANSYS HFSS

Manufacturer: Modelithics
Product Number: MDLX-COMP-ANS

Product Description

The Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library for ANSYS® HFSS™ brings incredible flexibility and accuracy to the high frequency electronic design process. The integration of Modelithics’ high accuracy scalable parasitic models into the HFSS design environment makes EM co-simulation a seamless process. The advanced-feature models, along with electromagnetic layout analysis, results in very accurate modelto-measurement agreement and fewer design iterations. Full-wave 3D EM models are now included in the library. The 3D models take the design analysis a step further and capture electromagnetic interactions between components and surrounding elements. All models are measurement validated, and designed to accelerate the design process.

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