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Modelithics, RF Circuit Simulation, Test and Simulation Software

Qorvo GaN Library

Manufacturer: Modelithics
Product Number: MDLX-Qorvo

Product Description

Qorvo (“kor-vo”) enables customers to launch next-generation designs even faster. Our unique combination of talent, technology, scalability and innovation helps you eliminate barriers to bringing your most powerful ideas to market.
Start your next design with the most accurate and well documented RF, Microwave and mm-Wave Simulation models in the industry! Modelithics passive and active, measurement-based simulation models integrate seamlessly with the latest electronic design automation (EDA) simulation tools, including Keysight Technologies Pathwave ADS, Cadence AWR Design Environment, Keysight Technologies PathWave Synthesis , ANSYS® HFSS™ and Sonnet® Suites™.

Modelithics high accuracy models capture parasitic effects and reliably predict how component performance changes with various scalable input parameters over a specified frequency range. The scaling and optimization features provide advanced analysis capability and allow RF circuit designers to quickly meet design goals. Visit the products page for more information on the advantages of Modelithics models. Our goal is to help you achieve first pass design success!

Free to qualified customers. The extremely popular Modelithics Qorvo GaN library is being used by hundreds of designers. Click request link above to request.

Qorvo MVP Spotlight Page

The current Release of the Modelithics-Qorvo GaN Library is v18.2.8 containing 23 die and 54 packaged device models. See release notes for details.

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