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Antenna Measurement, NSI-MI Technologies, RF/Microwave

Large Vertical Planar Scanner Systems

Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: PNF-XYV-60×40

Product Description

Large Vertical Planar Near-Field Measurement Systems are the ideal systems for measuring medium and high gain antennas (>15 dBi) with large apertures, making them suitable for testing large arrays or reflector antennas. Large Vertical Planar Near-Field Measurement Systems aare based on a inverted “T” design and are constructed of steel. For high stability a cross-braced dual-rail steel I-beam base is used. This robust design is easy to maintain and align, and highly accurate. The high capacity probe carriage accommodates probes as low as WR1500 including optional roll and Z stages.

Key Specification

  • High Accuracy Planarity
  • 40’x 40′ (12.2 m x 12.2 m) to 108’x 52′ (32.9 m x 15.8 m) Scan Area
  • Precision Rack and Pinion Drive
  • L-Band to mmWave Measurements
  • Inverted “T” Frame Design for High Accuracy
  • Far-Field, Near-Field and Holographic Patterns
  • Cylindrical and Spherical Options Available

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