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Antenna Measurement, NSI-MI Technologies, RF/Microwave, Test and Simulation Software

NSI 2000 Professional Edition

Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: NSI-2000PE

Product Description

NSI2000 Professional Edition includes a powerful scripting tool for making custom acquisition and processing scripts. These give the user complete and automated control of the NSI2000 software. Scripts are constructed using the Script Construction Kit.

Scripts are written in a VB-like language. They can include commands to control every operation from the menu and dialog interfaces. In addition, scripts allow to call user defined functions or to control other equipment by calling routines in DLL’s. This includes access to Windows® API functions. Scripts can even create a graphical user interface!

Key Specification

  • Automatic acquisition and processing of multiple data files
  • Custom modifications of near-field data prior to processing
  • User-defined calculations of antenna parameters
  • Custom probe motion recording
  • Near-field data simulation
  • Scripting capabilities with built-in script tool kit
  • Full customization of NSI2000 using scripts
  • Measured probe pattern correction
  • Active test procedures
  • Link to 3rd Party software (Office, Matlab,..)
  • Spherical NF alignment automation
  • Control of third party hardware
  • Dynamic structure correction
  • Auto phase center determination
  • Beam pointing calculator
  • Automated boresighting (pointing) analysis
  • Data file editing via Excel®
  • Polarization analysis
  • Parametric studies with plot overlays: FFT size, coordinate system variation, phase center adjustment, etc.

Need more information? Speak to our experts.

Need more information? Speak to our experts.

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