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Antenna Measurement, NSI-MI Technologies, RF/Microwave

Spherical Near-Field Arch Roll Scanner

Manufacturer: NSI-MI Technologies
Product Number: SNF-ARCH

Product Description

The Spherical Near-Field Arch Roll Scanner is an ideal system for measuring radiation characteristics of non-moving antennas which require a full hemisphere coverage and can not be tested using the planar near field technique. A traditional spherical near-field system would require the antenna to either move in one or two axes, however the NSI-MI scanner uses a novel dual-axis probe motion design to allow the antenna to remain stationary which is ideal for satellite or radar antenna testing. The system interfaces with a wide variety of NSI, Keysight, or Rohde & Schwarz RF equipment. The Antenna Measurement Software runs on a Windows based measurement workstation and provides automatic setup of scans based on measurement parameters and desired output. Measured data can be processed for far-field or holographic patterns yielding complete characterization of the antenna’s performance. A single data set provides information on antenna gain, side lobe structure, beam pointing and cross polarization.

Key Specification

  • Radiation Pattern Testing of Fixed Mounted Antennas
  • Scanning arch provides accurate probe motion over ±95 degrees in theta
  • Rotator provides 360 degree phi rotation of arch
  • Automatic Electronic Alignment Capability
  • Dynamic on-the-fly Probe Position Correction Subsystem
  • Multi-beam, Multi-Frequency Control of RF Subsystem
  • NSI-MI Data Acquisition & Processing Software

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