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Digital Multimeters, GW-Instek, Oscilloscopes/Analyzers

GDM-8261A Digital multimeter, 6.5 digit

Manufacturer: GW-Instek
Product Number: GDM-8261A

Product Description

Dual Measurement Multimeter with DCV Basic Accuracy:0.0035%

Key Specification

  • 6 1/2 Digit Display:1,200,000 counts
  • DCV Basic Accuracy:0.0035%
  • Dual Measurements to perform two selected measurements simultaneously
  • Bright Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
  • Provide AC+DC Voltage or Current Measurement Functions
  • 11 Measurement Functions & 10 Math Functions
  • High Resolution: Up to 100pA with DCI and 1nA with ACI Measurements
  • Temperature Measurement (RTD & Thermocouple) from -200°C ~ +1820°C
  • High Transmission Speed: Up to 2,400 readings/sec through the USB
  • Standard Interfaces : USB, RS232C, Digital I/O
  • Optional Interfaces : GPIB or LAN
  • Optional Scanner Card : GDM-SC1A (V ch x16, I ch x2)
  • Free PC software : DMM Excel ADD-INS , LabVIEW Driver

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