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IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System

Manufacturer: ITECH Electronic Co
Product Number: IT-M3600

Product Description

IT-M3600 regenerative power system integrates two instruments in one, which is a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative electronic load. When used as a load, its energy recovery function can convert the absorbed DC power into AC power and return it to the grid. When used as a power supply, it can also be used as a wide range bidirectional DC power supply. IT-M3600 combines the advantages of both instruments well, and its small size of only 1U half rack also help to save your space, time and cost. IT-M3600 with high-precision output and measurement, it is suitable for multiple test fields such as multi-module batteries, multi-channel power supplies, micro inverters, and semiconductor devices.

Key Specification

♦ 1U half rack, high power density
♦ One button switch between source and load
♦ Bidirectional energy flow between DUT and grid
♦ High efficient power regeneration
♦ Battery test
♦ Battery simulation
♦ 8 operating mode: CC/CV/CP/CR/CV+CC/CC+CR/CV+CR/CV+CC+CP+CR*1
♦ Independent control of multi-channels,implement synchronization or proportional tracking
♦ Parallel up to 16 units
♦ High-speed measurement, keep 10 times / s update rate even connecting 16 stand-alone units
♦ CC/CV priority
♦ PV inverter I-V curve simulation
♦ Adjustable output impedance
♦ Programmable voltage and current rise and fall time*2
♦ Temperature measurement function,over temperature protection
♦ List
♦ Various protection such as ±OCP, ±OVP, OPP, over heat protection, grid fault protection and fault storage, foldback, Power-off protection, sense abnormal protection
♦ Automatic detection of power grid state to realize reliable grid connection
♦ Precharge function to prevent overshoot of DC loading current
♦ Anti-reverse protection function through optional accessories
♦ Five optional cards, supporting RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB_T-MC, USB_VCP, RS485, analog and IO communication

*1 Multiple operation modes is only implemented under load function
*2 Current rise and fall time can be set only under load function

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